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The Power of Words

We help clients with “strategy with words” which leads to lateral thinking and strategic sales and marketing execution.

Make America Great Again.

Ok. Now we have your attention.


Again, the point we’re trying to make is words are powerful. These are just four words … only 4 words

Make American Great Again


Are you feeling anything because of these four words? 

We bet you are. And why is that? Make America Great Again are just words. Four words. But there is a strategy behind those words. That is our whole point. Mars Hill Media helps clients with “strategy with words”.

Think again about the power of words. They’re just words. Not pictures or images or a video. They’re only words.

In the 2016 election, over 60 million Americans voted for those 4 words and over 60 million Americans voted against those four words. No matter which side you come down on they’re tremendously impactful. They got attention. They got a reaction. They worked for branding and messaging. They worked for marketing and sales (raising donations).

Isn’t that what every business or non-profit wants to do? Have some powerful words that relate to your brand, business or cause.

That’s why at Mars Hill Media we start with words. And the right words lead to great strategy.

Mars Hill Media helps companies and non-profits with “strategy with words” that reboot sales and marketing strategies and help achieve real hockey stick growth.

Getting an outside strategy view is vital for greater business growth

Outside views help to facilitate a more realistic evaluation of where a company stands in relation to its competitors.


Many companies are stuck. Research shows better business outcomes are achieved when outside views are welcomed into the strategy room. Mars Hill Media works alongside your C-Suite to provide new business growth strategies that result in better sales and marketing outcomes.

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