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Your strategy is your words. Yes, your words.

Great thinkers simply words for great impact. We help clients with “Business Growth Strategy with Words”.


Learn more why your words might not be working

If you stop to think about it just about everything is WORDS.

Yes. Words.

Question; What do websites, digital ads, email marketing, Twitter, Podcasts, direct mail, radio, PowerPoint Decks, landing pages, Facebook ads, blogs all have in common? Words. All are mostly comprised of words.

Many businesses don’t understand this fact at a deep enough level. Strategy is your words. So the question is, how are you using words to describe to your prospective customers what you stand for, what you believe and what you offer in captivating ways, so they will give a rip?

Why do CEOs and CMOs use BORING and lame word strategy?

If you Google the search term “value-added services” you will find 600,000 companies using that exact phrase to describe what they do. And if you Google the term “end-to-end solutions” you get another 200,000 companies using that over used term. Who writes this stuff? Worse, what CEOs and marketing leaders read it and approve it?

Today, we live in the era of 24/7 media delivery. We’re all competing for real estate across multiple communication platform all wanting attention. So, whatever you want to say about your company and your products/services you better use a “strategy with words” that is compelling and impactful!

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple—that’s creativity.

Claude Monet

French Impressionist Painter

70% of executives reveal their C-Suite strategy process is broken.

In the book Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick, McKinsey and Company lay out the case that in the board room the social side of strategy kicks in, resulting in boring marketing and risk averse decision making. At Mars Hill Media, our critical thinking platforms help clients to create new bold ideas with a “strategy with words” process. This leads to new sales and marketing ideation and fresh business execution strategies. 

Having a dynamic “strategy with words” framework is now the main arbitrage for businesses.

In the new 24/7 media technology world we’re all living in, you can build trust, have important dialogues and build relationships with your customers like never before. In this environment, creative communication strategies are now the main arbitrage. It’s the real opportunity that can pay in perpetuity. At Mars Hill Media, we help clients invest in this reality using their unique “strategy with words” and leveraging it accordingly across all sales and marketing platforms.

Having a “strategy with words” leads to better thinking. Better thinking leads to big ideas. Big ideas lead to better strategy. Better strategy leads to powerful strategic frameworks, narratives and stories that you can share with prospective customers which challenge assumptions, persuade and cause people to act.

We're grateful for all your wise counsel and the work you did in helping get Spreading Hope Network into such a better position. Thank you! You're a great strategic advisor! "

– Dan Olson, Executive Director at Spreading Hope Network 

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